Mojito by Ms Sans (Alcohol-Free Mocktail)

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Enjoy the refreshing taste of this non-alcoholic Mojito by Ms Sans - ready to shake, pour and enjoy.

At just 1 PersonalPoints per 125ml glass compared to 11 PersonalPoints for a regular alcoholic version this is a special pick by WW curated with our members in mind so you can enjoy more of what you love more often!

This product is made in Australia with alcohol-free sugar cane Spirit inspired by Cuban white rum and contains no added sugar. The gentle sweetness comes from a natural extract of the Katemfe fruit and tastes just like a classic Mojito with the perfect balance of fresh garden mint, Tahitian lime and alcohol-free sugar cane Spirit.

To serve, add 125mls to a highball glass filled with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with fresh lime and mint leaves.