Loaf Tin Recipes

The perfect baking tin with imprints on the inside that allow you to portion the loaf easily.

Non stick simple baking

The WW loaf tin ensures perfect portions every time you bake. Save time measuring and guessing serving sizes as your loaf is portioned into slices before it goes into the oven. You'll also save PersonalPoints as the non-stick silicone material means you don't need to grease the mould. WW loaf tin is BPA free and oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.


Why is the baking loaf tin so useful?

The shape of the mould includes imprints on the inside that allows you to portion the loaf. Cook for the whole family and be sure you’re eating the right portion. The WW Loaf Tin is made from 100% high quality platinum silicone and can withstand high temperatures.


Cherry Almond Loaf

Fresh cherries and vanilla yoghurt make this warm microwave loaf dessert a winner! Sprinkle with almonds just before serving and enjoy for 3-4 PersonalPoints per slice.

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Fish, Dill & Lemon Loaf

It’s not just cakes that can be made with the WW loaf tin. Try this flavoursome fish, dill and lemon oven bake. Ready in just 60 minutes for 6-7 PersonalPoints per slice.

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Chorizo & Potato Loaf

A flavour packed savoury loaf featuring chorizo and potatoes ready in 35 minutes. Perfect for a picnic or take to lunch with a side salad for 3-4 PersonalPoints per slice.

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