Chia & Raspberry Porridge

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Delivery weight: 225 g

Blending chia porridge with the fresh taste of raspberries, this hearty breakfast wakes up your senses and gets you out the door with time to spare.

Simply stir in boiling water, allow to stand for 3 minutes and then enjoy this high fibre, warming breakfast topped with ZeroPoint™ yogurt or your favourite fruit.
Each box contains 5 individual sachets at 5 SmartPoints® each. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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not enjoyable to me
I eat porridge regularly but this just doesn't do it for me unfortunately. If you don't eat this as soon as you have stirred the boiling water in, then it just turns to an unpleasant gluggy glue. The flavour is ok but the texture is not. Also, the amount of water needed is inconvenient for what is supposed to be a convenient product. Who can eyeball water and see easily that they have 110mls without a measuring cup? Other instant sachets have a line on the packet which is way easier as you just pour the cold water in to the line, mix then heat in the microwave.