Comfort Cooking Cookbook

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Your go-to guide for hearty, healthy comfort food recipes

From fast food favourites and mouth-watering roasts, to nourishing soups and flavourful desserts, all the recipes have been tried and tested to ensure they’re simple to make and delicious to eat.

In this collection of 50 delicious recipes, we’ve taken some of your best-loved dishes and given them a WW makeover, meaning you can cook and enjoy them while staying on track.

These recipes are exclusive to this cookbook and are not available in the WW app. To track them in your WW app, use the 'Quick Add' feature. Type in the recipe name and the SmartPoints from the cookbook.

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2 reviews


Delicious recipes!
Have made a number of recipes from this book. The family favourite is the Chicken and Vegetable soup which is so full of flavour. A really family friendly cookbook. The only negative is that I cannot directly enter the recipe into my ap so I just pick any meal with the same points and add that. Maybe its just me and I am missing something, love to know if that's the case. Great book and definitely worth having in your collection.


Good Variety
Great variety of recipes and great tips on making healthy swap outs.

One thing that wouldve been good to have in the book are barcodes next to each recipe so you scan them in on the app using the barcode scanner. I made the banana porridge this morning and I had to enter the recipe in. Maybe something to consider for future cook books.