Salad Dressing Cruet

Delivery weight: 200 g

The Salad Dressing Cruet is the perfect kitchen tool to use with your favourite ingredients to make your own dressings.

This unique bottle dispenses a 30ml serving of dressing at a time so portioning is always under control. 
How does it work?
1. Make your dressing following one of the recipes included in the Cruet
2. Secure the cap, shake, flip and press the handle so that 1 serving is evenly dispensed in the portioned top. 
3. Release handle, turn it upright, pour and enjoy!
Product Highlights:
• Portioned 30ml serving dispensed every time
• 3 zesty recipes right on the bottle with Smartpoints per serve
• Exclusive, unique design from Weight Watchers Global
This is a WW US product. Please note that due to a difference in measurements amongst markets, the amount of servings per dressing recipe might differ from what is specified on the product however the SmartPoints values per dressing serve are correct.
• 2 US tablespoons = 30 ml = 1 ½ AU tablespoons

Product number: 434510