Body Analysis Smart Scale

Delivery weight: 2,415 g

Achieving the your ideal weight goals is essential in maintaining overall health and wellness, so make sure you’re accurately keeping in track with the WW Body Analysis Smart Scale. (WW710A)

Key Features:

  • Utilising the Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) system, the WW Body Analysis Smart Scale provides a complete and comprehensive reading of body fat, bone mass, BMI, and more.
  • Thanks to its advanced weight tracking system, this smart scale lets you manage and monitor your weight loss easily.
  • For uncompromised accuracy, this diagnostic scale uses a multiple load cell system with precision electronic strain gauges for reading body measurements.
  • Thanks to its large LCD digital readout with white backlit display, the Weight Watcher body scale provides easy-to-read and highly-visible body statistics.
  • This body analysis scale has a 4-person user memory, so your whole family can share the unit and monitor each other’s progress.

  • CAUTION! Use of this device by persons with any electrical implant such as a heart pacemaker, or by pregnant women, is not recommended. Please consult your physician should you have any questions about the use of this product in relation to any condition you may have, or treatment you may be receiving.


    Product number: 432920