Done All In One Cookbook

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Cooking and cleaning made easy with 50+ tasty new recipes done all in one pot or pan!

Packed with more than 50 recipes that come together easily, taste amazing and minimise mess, Done all in one is your go-to guide for low-fuss cooking. From saucy pastas and fresh stir-fries to air-fryer snacks and sheet pan roasts, there’s no shortage of ideas to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Done all in one includes the following chapters:

  • Frying pan recipes
  • Grill pan recipes
  • Baking tray recipes
  • Airfryer recipes
  • Wok recipes
  • Pots & saucepans recipes
  • Slow cooker recipes

These recipes are exclusive to this cookbook and are not available in the WW app. To track them in your WW app, use the 'Quick Add' feature. Type in the recipe name and the SmartPoints from the cookbook.

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A must have cookbook!
This book has a great concept with the 'one cooking appliance' theme. As always the recipes are great (moo-shu pork is a favourite) but what I surprisingly have loved is the page explaining about each cooking pan/appliance. If you haven't seen the book there is a when to use, what to look for when purchasing, how to clean and how to store for each pan or appliance. I've looked at air fryers but was totally confused until I read about them in this book. Not saying I'll buy one but it's nice to know what to look for if I do. Lots of great family recipes in this and also things to take for lunch the next day.