The Essential WW Freestyle™ Cookbook

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The new 2019 program cookbook – with 2 books in 1

  • Over 130 simple delicious recipes in our WW Freestyle cookbook: from mouth-watering breakfasts, quick and easy lunches and wholesome moreish mains to crowd pleasing desserts
  • 6 inspiring meal guides and tips on meal planning
  • Helpful strategies for using SmartPoints and building healthy habits on WW Freestyle
  • Organisational tips, shopping guides and how to make mindful choices when eating out

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    Very disappointing
    I only bought this book because it was part of a "specials" bundle. I have never seen a cookbook with ingredients not listed separately. I'm not sure if this was done to save space, but it is very annoying because you have to read the whole recipe to get a list of ingredients.


    Excellent, relatable recipes and beautiful content
    Excellent, relatable recipes and beautiful content.