Fresh Fakeaways Cookbook

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Order up a takeaway favourite from your own kitchen!

Sometimes, at the end of a busy week, all we want to do is curl up on the couch and exhale. It’s so easy to pick up the phone or hop on an app and get some takeaway delivered. After all, we all deserve a break!

Although takeaway foods can be enjoyed as part of a healthy eating plan, many serving sizes can be much larger than what we would typically eat at home and the dishes themselves are often more calorie-laden and higher in sodium.

With this in mind, we’ve created the Fresh Fakeaways cookbook featuring a collection of healthier alternatives for our favourite takeaway dishes – that can all be recreated from the convenience of your kitchen.

With minimal steps and ingredients, all of our takeaway-inspired recipes are as simple as they are delicious – and nutritious! That means you can still have your relaxing night-in (without having to wait for your lost delivery driver).


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Rachel Eslick

A must have
This is our favourite cook book this kids cant wait to find out what we are making for the weekends.