Cosy Bowls Cookbook

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Healthy Winter Warmers when the temperature drops, there’s really nothing better than wrapping your hands (and your mouth) around a cosy bowl of tasty, warm food.

That’s why we’ve created this must-have cookbook jam-packed with delicious dishes you can enjoy in a bowl! More than 102 mouth-watering recipes & tips!

Cosy up to delicious comfort food. From creamy breakfast oats and steaming soups to classic curries, satisfying stews, hearty pies and yummy sweet puddings, there is just so much deliciousness you can serve in a bowl.

So warm up from the inside with these fantastic meals where all you need is a spoon or a fork and a cosy spot to savour the flavours. Winter cooking has never been easier!


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Karen Arbman

Love, love, love the recipes in this book!
Simple, easy and so tasty. Warms you up on a cold winters day. Even the kids and husband love the recipes and they don't even know about the lentils in some of the dishes! I wold recommend this cook book!