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With weekly wellness-boosting activities, helpful tips, inspiring quotes and easy-to-use daily trackers, this 12-week WW journal is a powerful tool to help you stay motivated and focused on your wellness journey.

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I like to write my food and points in a journal, but this version is not a good one compared to previous journals.
Please bring back one of the earlier versions. Some of us really like a paper journal for recording our food and points. I do not like the electronic versions nearly as much. I would still rather use this than not be able to get a journal.


Hard to use
Needs lines. Really hard to keep neat and use for tracking food. Preferred the previous version. Also can we stop starting the week with Monday for the weekly menu planner? CV an we start with day 1? Depending on what day you weigh in, your week that you are planning for doesnt necessarily start on a Monday.


Not user friendly
I purchased a journal even though I had read the other two comments. I wish I had listened.
There is no space to write and tally up the points. Having no ring-binder makes it really hard to use.
I'm not even going to use it I'm that disappointed in it and go old school with Excel.
Not as good as previous bersion
Needs to have a spiral spine , its very awkward to write in and would be better with lines. The activity section needs to be expanded on to work out longer time and points for activity .
Have a section to write day / date at top of the page

Susan Heron

Not easy to use
I have been using a tracker for a few years. These new journals are not easy to use. Should be spiral bound so they stay open. Needs a ribbon marker. The previous version was much better.