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Guides Bundle


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    2018 Shop Guide: Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and entertaining using the SmartPoints system is straightforward with the 2018 Shop Guide. This handy booklet gives you instant access to the SmartPoints values of foods, making this your personal companion to smarter grocery shopping. It features a comprehensive listing of over 16,000 supermarket foods to make grocery shopping, tracking, and everything you eat and drink easier.


    2018 Eat Out Guide : The 2018 Eat Out guide is the perfect companion to dining out. This handy guide helps you to better manage your food environment so you can keep on losing weight, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Inside, you’ll see over 5,000 dine-out foods with their SmartPoints values. There are entries for more than 70 restaurants, pubs, cafes, sandwich shops and takeaway food outlets. You’ll also find all those cuisines you love, as well as your favourite drinks. All of these have the SmartPoints values based on the most up to date nutritional information available. Don’t be scared to go out and enjoy life, we’re with you every step of the way.

    2018 My Journey Tracker:
    •Your very own weight-loss and activity tracker has enjoyed a fantastic update for 2018! 
    • Enjoy fresh new mouth-watering recipes, motivational activity tips. 
    • There is also a section for your reflections – because what how you think determines how you feel, & how you feel determines what you do!
    • It covers the 3 pillars of FOOD, MOVE & MINDSET to help keep you be inspired and to stay on track!