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  • SmartPoints Stemless Wine Glasses

SmartPoints Stemless Wine Glasses

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SmartPoints Stemless Wine Glasses


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• set of two glasses
• dishwasher safe
• made of glass
• discreet serving measurements for accurate portioning
  • Description

    Cheers to portion control!
    Relax and enjoy a delicious glass of wine tonight while still keeping an eye on your portions. Our Portion Control Stemless Wine Glasses include discreet etched lines indicating 148ml, 177ml, and 250ml servings to make watching your portions easier than ever. Now there's no need for guessing and you can leave those measuring cups in the kitchen. These beautiful glasses are so attractively designed you'll love using them to serve your friends, and they're discreetly marked so no one but you knows you're tracking your portions. Made of glass, dishwasher safe and crafted especially for Weight Watchers members, our Portion Control Stemless Wine Glasses bring you a simply elegant solution to portion control. Now that deserves a toast!

  • Reviews
    They are really good quality sturdy and I love the design. I like to be able to measure out my wine and keep on track to my points!
    Enjoy Responsibly
    I really enjoy a glass of wine,
    I've been known to enjoy a few;
    But the handy line on this stemless glass,
    Keeps my tracking true.
    The lines look like a pattern,
    No one will ever know,
    That you're counting the points you are drinking
    And you are completely in control.