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Real Food Slow Cookbook

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Real Food Slow Cookbook


  • Description

    Imagine coming home to find a healthy dinner is already cooked. Bliss! Now you can turn that dream into reality with these succulent slow-cooked dishes. From satisfying soups, sticky chicken and aromatic curries to melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks, luscious lasagne and tender roasts, Real Food Slow recipes make healthy eating easy and ever-so enticing. You will never be too busy to enjoy a nutritious meal and lose weight if you start taking it slow in the kitchen!

  • Reviews
    Excellent variety of family-friendly meals!
    If you are a fan of one-pot cooking, this is the cookbook for you. I really don't think this is pointed out enough, but you DO NOT have to have a slow-cooker to make these recipes. It might take a bit of extra effort, but every recipe in this book has a note on how to make the recipe on the stove top or in the oven.

    The slow-cooking time for everything is about four to eight hours once it's in the actually in the slow-cooker and depends on whether you're cooking on low or high settings. I had a mini freak out when I first read the first recipe, but the actual prep times are really short - with a couple of exceptions and a couple that need overnight soaking, most recipes only require 15-20 minutes of preparation!

    What kinds of recipes are there?
    This book has been divided into 7 sections. They include:
    -Beef and veal

    SmartPoints Value?
    The SmartPoints ranged mostly from 6sp to 9sp, with a few laying above and below this range.

    These meals are fantastic if you like one-pot cooking. The serving sizes feel quite generous and are perfect for family dinner meals, as they are hearty and filling (we use this book a lot on weekends!); the only thing I would advise you double check is the number of serves. Most of the recipes make four serves, but there are a few sneaky recipes in there that make six serves, so it's worth checking before you dish it up.

    Overall, who would I recommend this book for?
    This is definitely a great cookbook for families, or for people who like to prepare a lot of easy meals to eat over the course of the week. Due to the short prep time, this is also an excellent book for those of us who are time poor, as it can be quickly thrown together and then left to cook while you get on with the rest of the stuff that comes up in a hectic life.
    Very nice