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Ultimate Kit

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Ultimate Kit


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1 x Program Cookbook 2017
1 x Eat Out Guide 2017
1 x Shop Guide 2017
1 x My Tracker 2017
1 x SmartPoints Kitchen Scales
1 x Six Month Magazine Subscription
1 x Blueberry & Cocoa raw bars (5 pack)
1 x Rocky Road flavour bars (6 pack)
  • Description

    The Ultimate Kit is the premium starter kit for Weight Watchers members! Stay motivated to reach your goal weight with this great bundle, which empowers you to make healthier food choices at the grocery store, in your own kitchen and even when you’re dining out with friends.
    You also receive an inspiring magazine every month for six months. Each glossy features compelling stories from other Weight Watchers members, insightful lifestyle articles and tantalising recipes.
    Also included are the Weight Watchers Black SmartPoints Kitchen Scales. Measuring the right portion size is easy with this handy kitchen scale. Featuring a unique recipe builder function, you can weigh each ingredient of your favourite recipe and add up the SmartPoints® as you go. This Weight Watchers kitchen scale also comes with a database of over 900 foods so you can calculate the correct serving size for all your favourite meals. Comes with a 12 Month Warranty.
    Furthermore, you’ll receive 2 of our Weight Watchers food items which will help you make healthier snacking choices.